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Pride and Prejudice DVD Giveaway!


barelysuppressedfirth has kindly offered to give away one of her DVD copies of Pride and Prejudice 2005 to an Other Austen follower! Just reblog this post if you’re interested and I’ll put your name into a lottery! :)



heeeyyyy darcy’s sister



I will never get tired of this.

the priceless prices.

Has anyone in this family even seen a chicken?


malachitegrey replied to your photoset: Results are in! SherlockWatch is happening this…

Is that 9:30 EST?

Yes it is! Forgot to post the banner, sorry!

I’ve had a couple people ask what this “SherlockWatch” entails, so let me explain.. Everyone will gather at their…

Guess where I’ll be tonight? So freaking excited. And remember everyone: vodka can go bad once you open it, so drink up!!